BBQ isn't only a Texas thing anymore! Count on Dr. Foo to take the show on the road all the way to her native Thailand. Like any great BBQ sauce, you can marinate meat (especially chicken or duck) with it before cooking or brush it over the top as a delicious glaze when the smoking and grilling are done. The flavors of the tropical paradise called Bali also come alive when you pour this sauce over French fries or spoon it over cream cheese for crackers or chips.

Fiery Food Challenge: 3rd Place, Exotic BBQ Sauce
NASFT sofi™ Best New Product Award: Barbeque Sauce

Serving Suggestions
Brush over grilled or baked chicken. Marinade for duck or chicken breast. Finishing sauce to toss with French fries or baked potato chunks. Brush on grilled prawns or scallops, with freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice.

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Bali BBQ Sauce

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