The bright, sweet flavors of blood orange and apricot unite with rich cinnamon spice in these beautiful preserves. Perfect for pastries and desserts, these preserves are also great for grilled meats like pork and chicken, and as a drink mixer.

Ingredients: Sugar, Blood Orange Juice, Water, Apricots (with water), Orange Peel (orange peel, water, citric acid), Oranges, Pectin Blend (sucrose, pectin, citric acid), Cinnamon  

Blood Orange Cinnamon Cupcakes
Kentucky Stack Cake

Serving Suggestions
Spread on: Biscuits & crepes
Serve with: Ice cream, yogurt & hot cereal
Finish: Grilled pork & chicken
Mix with: Vinegar & olive oil for a vinaigrette
Mixer: For mixed drinks
Wine pairing: Any sweet white or sparkling wine, like Brut Champagne

Blood Orange Cinnamon Preserves

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