The Thai people are a colorful bunch and nowhere more than in their love of curry. There are at least three colors of Thai curry: red, green and yellow, none tasting anything like the other, and none tasting at all like the curries of India or Pakistan. Each is uniquely Thai. This red curry is perfect when bubbled with chicken, bell pepper and onions and spooned over Thailand's fragrant jasmine rice, used as a glaze for any grilled meat, shrimp or vegetables, or relied on as an exotic base for soups.

Serving Suggestions
Toss with chicken wings. Best enjoyed with jasmine rice. Serve with sautéed chicken, bell pepper & onions. Use as a base for soups. Use as a sauce with grilled shrimp, fresh veggies & pasta.

Garlic-Ginger glazed Salmon in a Garden
Red Curry Chicken & Pineapple
Red Curry Shrimp & Pineapple
Thai Red Curry Chicken and Vegetables
Thai Red Curry Chicken Wings
Quick Curry

Thai Red Curry Sauce

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