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Come See What's Cookin' at the Farmstead! 


We welcome you to experience our unique Fredericksburg cooking classes and events! From Italian to Tapas, French cuisine to Texas Hill Country favs and more, our F&W Fredericksburg Cooking School is serving up dishes, styles, and techniques in our kitchen so you can be the master of yours. From hands-on to chef-led demos and private four-course meals to special events, our cooking classes are Texas-sized fun, from our Farmstead to your table.  


F&W Gift card

F&W Gift card

Hands On Summer Farm to Table Cooking Class- July 8, 2024
Hands on Pasta Cooking Class
Hands On German Favorites Class- July 10, 2024
Hands On French Bistro Cooking Class- July 11, 2024
 Sushi Night Cooking Class
Hands On South American Cooking Class- July 13, 2024
Hands On Mediterranean Cooking Class- July 15, 2024
Hands On German Fare Cooking Class - July 18, 2024
Hands On Summertime Favorites  Brunch and Cooking Class- July 21, 2024 (morning)
Hands On Mexican Botanas (Small Bites
Hands On Farm to Table Cooking Class
Hands On Salad for Dinner Cooking Class-
Hands On Italian Cuisine Cooking Class
Spanish Tapas Cooking Class
Hands on German Bread Baking Class - July 27, 2024 (morning)
Hands On Hill Country Favorites Cooking Class - July 27, 2024 (evening)
Hands On Mediterranean Brunch and Cooking Class-July 28, 2024 (morning)
Hands On Southern Favorites Foods Cooking Class- July 28, 2024
Hands On French Cuisine Cooking Class- July 29,  2024
Hands On Greek Mediterranean Cooking Class- July 30, 2024
Hill Country Favorites Cooking Class
Hands On Cajun Cooking Class
Hands On Spanish Tapas Cooking Class- August 2, 2024