About our Camp: Each day kids will experience a new and exciting culinary adventure.  They will learn essential cooking and baking techniques, knife skills and much more.  Kids will be provided a lite breakfast and will prepare their own lunches as a group depending on daily curriculum.  No need to bring anything, they will have plenty of goodies to eat throughout the day.  

June 10th - June 14rd 
8:30am to 1:30 pm.
Kids ages 9 to 14.

Kids Camp Syllabus

Monday June 11, 2024-  F&W Farmstead Welcome

  • "All about the Farm" Talk  and Field Trip.  Sit with Mark Wieser and listen to the fun history, present and future of the Fischer and Wieser Orchard and farm.  Visit the Peach Orchard,  pick eggs at the Chicken coop and harvest vegetable from the garden.  All will be used in your recipes throughout the week.
  • Kitchen Orientation- Chef Liam will walk kids through the Teaching Kitchen and go over safety, equipment, essential cooking skills and go through menu of the day
  • Prep Time-  Kids will prepare  mise en place and Learn Classic American Recipes:
    • Baking Hamburger Buns and Chocolate Chip Cookies 
    • Knife Skills-  Burger toppings, Fries or Chips
    • Meat and Burger Preparation.  Salad Dressing
    • Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
  •  Lunch
  • "Clean up Time"-  Chef Liam will teach how to properly clear table and how to clean and re organize kitchen.  
  • Outdoor Fun- "Potato Sack Race"
  • Dismissal

Tuesday June 11, 2024: “Italian Flavors”

  • Morning Kitchen activities
  • Menu Discussion: Chef Liam will go over menu of the day and have open discuss of meal prep. 
  • Prep Time- 
    • Baking Focaccia and Sicilian Chocolate Cake
    • Pasta Making-  learn to make Spaghetti and Fettuccine
    • Knife Skills- Mise en place for Bolognese Sauce
    • Sauces- Bolognese and Alfredo 
  • Outdoor Fun- "Egg Race"
  • Enjoy lunch
  • Dismissal

 Wednesday June 12, 2024 Mexican Cuisine 

  • Chef Stella will create a full Mexican Taco Menu. 
  • Tortilla Making
  • Rice and Beans
  • Fresh Salsa and prepare Proteins
  • Make Churros for Dessert
  • Lunch and  "Break the Pinata"
  • Dismissal 

 Thursday June 13, 2024  Asian Cuisine

  • Baking Char Sui Bao including making chinese BBQ Pork
  • Knife Skills - Mise en place for Sushi Rolls
  • Sushi rice and roll and nigiri
  • Lunch 
  • Outdoor Fun- "Fish Game"
  • Dismissal 

Friday June 14, 2024  Graduation Day

  • It's Pizza Day!- Kids will make and bake pizza dough and garlic bread
  • Knife Skills- Mise en place for sauce and toppings and salad
  • Make sauce and pizzas
  • Graduation Ceremony and Lunch
  • Dismissal



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KIDS Summer Cooking Camp June 10th - June 14th, 2024

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