This Gewürztraminer wine is not just a wine, but a sensory journey. Its well-rounded palate makes it an excellent choice for pairings with a diverse range of cuisines. From spicy Asian dishes, which complement its sweet ginger notes, to rich, creamy cheeses that are balanced by its tropical fruit undertones, this wine is a versatile companion to your dining experience. Its exotic bouquet and captivating flavors also make it a delightful choice for sipping on its own, offering a refreshing and luxurious escape at the end of the day. Whether enjoyed with food or as a standalone indulgence, our Gewürztraminer wine promises an unforgettable taste adventure.

Tasting Notes:

Our Gewürztraminer is an aromatic wine with a lush floral character. Tropical fruit flavors of mango and lychee come together on the front followed by notes of sweet ginger.

Winemaking Notes:

Gewürztraminer is one of the Noble Grapes* and gets its unique name from the tiny village of Tramin, located in the German speaking part of northern Italy. Cold fermentation and acidity give this wine its crisp flavor.

Alcohol: 12.3%

Recommended Serving Temperature: Chilled at 45°F


"Gewürz" is German for “spice,” so for pairing, think of dishes that have ingredients like ginger, clove, or curry. Those flavors will beautifully enhance with the similar flavor compounds in the wine. Gewürztraminer is also semi-sweet, and the sweet nuances of lychee will offset any bite of spiciness. Try with our Red Curry Shrimp & Pineapple recipe made with Fischer & Wieser Dr. Foo’s Thai Red Curry Sauce.

*Noble Grapes: A group of 18 red and white grape varieties that cover the total array of wine characteristics and traditionally are recognized for being some of the most widely planted grapes producing some of the highest quality wines.

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