Embark on a culinary journey like no other with our "Open Fire Cooking Experience" Dinner led by the renowned grill master and chef, Al Frugoni. 

Guests will mingle and watch as Al Frugoni showcases his skills, demonstrating various open fire cooking techniques. From perfectly seared meats to flame-kissed vegetables, delicious hors d'oeuvres, and delectable desserts, you'll witness the culinary magic of outdoor cooking, where the flames dance and the unique combination of Argentine, Italian, Texan flavors come to life

Enjoy a seated dinner, family style and savor a variety of dishes celebrating the unique flavors and textures that only open fire cooking can impart. The evening includes a selection of wine from the Fischer & Wieser Wine Collection.

Passed Appetizers 
Beef Empanada ,Traditional Argentine recipe
Provoleta, Grilled a la plancha Aged Provolone  
Jalapeno Popper, Traditional Texas Recipe with an Argentine Twist
Choripan, The Argentine Street Food, Pork Sausage Sandwich with Chimichurri Sauce.
 Main Courses 
Chimichurri Lemon Chicken, Grilled Asador Style at the Cross. 
Ribeye Steak, hung over Open Fire  
Iberico Pork, Spanish Pork 
Assortment of Veggies, cook over Open Fire
 Dulce de Leche Panqueque , Argentine Caramel Crepe with Fruits 


Al Frugoni

Al’s background and passion for cooking, blends the flavors of his Argentine roots with the culinary diversity of Italy and Texas.

Born in Argentina, Al was raised in Buenos Aires, a province enriched by Italian influences and a deep love for 'Asado,' our cherished tradition of grilling. From an early age, the enticing aroma of barbecued meats and the taste of Malbec wine were an integral part of his upbringing.

Al’s culinary journey took a significant turn when he met his wife from Texas during his time in Rome and Spain. Living in Buenos Aires, raising their kids they embraced both Argentine and American cultures and with each visit to the States, in 2015, they made the bold move to the Texas hill country.

Embracing Texan traditions, Al drove right into the world of grilling, immersing myself in the art of BBQ and relishing the diverse flavors and techniques. With my Argentine-Italian culinary heritage as a foundation, he blended American favorites with his own creative twist, a fusion that has been a source of joy and satisfaction.

“Open fire grilling is not just a culinary technique; it's a return to simplicity, a way to connect with what truly matters. Through my journey, I've come to believe that sharing food brings people together, transcending boundaries and creating precious moments that linger in our memories. Rain or shine, scorching heat or chilly days, I find immense joy in grilling, a passion that I'm thrilled to share with you. Thank you for joining me on this flavorful adventure!” Al Frugoni

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GUEST CHEF FALL SERIES - Open Fire Dinner with Al Frugoni November 30, 2023

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