About our 3 Day Camp: Each day kids will experience a new and exciting culinary adventure.  They will learn essential cooking and baking techniques, knife skills and much more.  Kids will be provided a lite breakfast and will prepare their own lunches as a group depending on daily curriculum.  No need to bring anything, they will have plenty of goodies to eat throughout the day.  

March 12th - 14th
9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Kids ages 9 to 13.

Kids Camp Syllabus

Tuesday March 12th - Flavor Explorers and Sizzling vs. Simmering - Wet and Dry Cooking:

  • Lite Breakfast- Meet and Greet
  • Welcome to a taste-bud-tickling adventure in Flavor Exploration Day 1.  Kids will  unravel the secrets of learning flavors and discover the exciting world of wet and dry cooking techniques. Get ready for a sizzling, simmering, and absolutely delicious culinary journey. Kids will also go over basic kitchen conversions of measures (ex Tbsp to Oz).
  • Lunch - Kids will prepare Quesadillas and Soup
  • Outside Fun
  • Clean-up and Dismissal

Wednesday March 13th- Hands-On Fun with Egg-tivities and Emulsification 101:

  • Lite Breakfast
  • On this egg-citing day 2, kids will become egg-sperts as they explore the incredible versatility of eggs. From understanding the parts of an egg to learning how to crack them like a pro, our budding chefs will embark on a journey of discovery.
  • What happens when you mix oil and water? It's time to find out! Through fun and interactive experiments, kids will learn the science behind emulsification. Discover how eggs can be the magical ingredient that brings together ingredients that normally don't mix. Get ready to whip up some fantastic concoctions!
  • Lunch-Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad and Grilled Cheese
  • Outside Fun
  • Clean-Up and Dismissal

Thursday  March 14th-  Fermenting Fun and Gluten Galore

  • Lite breakfast
  • Ever wondered how bread rises? It's all about fermentation magic! On day 3, our little chefs will explore the science behind fermentation, uncovering the secrets of sourdough bread and how a starter is created. Get ready for some fermenting fun!  Then, what makes dough stretchy and pizza crust chewy? It's the superhero of the baking world – gluten! Kids will learn the ins and outs of gluten, discovering how it transforms ordinary ingredients into delightful creations. Get hands-on with kneading, rolling, and shaping dough into fantastic forms. Kids will create pizza for their parents.
  • Graduation Day!-  Parents join us for lunch
  • Clean up and Dismissal


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KIDS 3 DAY COOKING CAMP - March 12-14, 2024

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