We took an authentic Mexican recipe using roasted tomatoes, onions and cilantro and made it our own. We won't tell you our secret, but we will share our salsa, and it's so good it'll move you to share the taste with others. Enjoy! 

2nd Place
Salsa, Hot Sauce & Chutney: Tomato Mild/Medium
Food Distribution Magazine, 2001


Chillaquiles A La Charra
Salsa A La Charra Fish Tacos
Best Seven Layer Dip in Texas!
BLG Sandwich
Chicken or Beef Fajitas
Frito Pie Frittata
Huevos con Migas
Maque Choux

Serving Suggestions
Dip: Warm tortilla chips
Mix with: Meatloaf, burgers or sloppy joes
Add to: Fajitas or quesadillas

Fischer & Wieser's Family Secrets
Mix 1/2 cup of salsa with leftover ground meat, the broken tortilla chips that are always in a bag of chips and use on salads for a quick Southwestern salad.

Salsa a La Charra

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