Tasting Notes:

This Sangiovese is an earthy red wine with nuances of roasted tomato, cherries, and hints of black pepper. Light oak aging gives this wine a composed balance of tannins and acidity.

Winemaking Notes:

The Texas heat along with nutrient dense soil amplifies the natural characteristics of this Sangiovese. It originates from Italy and is the primary varietal of Chianti.

Alcohol: 15%

Recommended Serving Temperature: 65°F

Pairings: Sangiovese delivers bold, savory flavors, but overall is medium-bodied, so it pairs well with a variety of dishes. Roasted meats and tomato sauces with green herbs or vegetables will pair nicely with Sangiovese. Try with our Italian Cubed Steaks recipe made with Mom's Organic Traditional Pasta Sauce.


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