"Tamalada Fiesta: The Art of Tamale Making"

Get ready to immerse yourself in the aromas and tastes of authentic tamales as you embark on this culinary adventure. Let's make this a memorable experience filled with laughter, learning, and love for Mexican cuisine.

In this interactive class you will master the art of spreading masa on corn husks, explore different filling options, from traditional options like pork, chicken, or beans, to vegetarian and vegan alternatives, understand the steaming process and how to set up a steamer to cook your tamales. 

Then, sit and enjoy the tamales, accompanied by traditional Mexican sides and paired with wine.  Share stories, savor the flavors, and celebrate your newfound tamale-making skills.  All will take home tamales to share with the family for the holidays.


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The Art of Tamale Making Class - November 18, 2023

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