Our Hot Habanero Salsa is a delightful new surprise. Most people aren't aware that Habañero is one of the most flavorful peppers because that flavor is usually hidden by its intense heat. We uncovered that great flavor with a special cooking process to temper the heat while maintaining the flavor - it makes this salsa a hit with everyone. Enjoy!

Beef Tacos with Hot Habañero Pepper Salsa
Frito Pie Frittata
Huevos con Migas
Seven-Cheese Vension Enchiladas

Serving Suggestions
Dip: Warm tortilla chips
Add to: Chili or tortilla soup

Fischer & Wieser's Family Secrets
Can't stand the heat? Well, stay in the kitchen and add a little lemon or lime juice to foods that are to fiery. If its to late for that, drink some dairy or eat a spoonful of sugar.

Hot Habanero Salsa

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