Our medium-hot, green salsa is made with all-natural roasted Tomatillo peppers, onions and a dash of garlic. A recipe taken from deep in the heart of Mexico has been perfected in the heart of Texas! Dip your chips, or top your next grilled chicken breast. Enjoy!

Salsa, Hot Sauce & Chutney: Tomatillo
Food Distribution Magazine, 2001

Best Seven Layer Dip in Texas!
Huevos con Migas
Mediterranean Farro Salad
Pulled Pork with Green Chiles
Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas
Taco Soup

Serving Suggestions
Dip: Warm tortilla chips
Serve with: Chicken enchiladas or fajitas

Fischer & Wieser's Family Secrets
Avocados: Just one is not enough, if you are serving avocado slices as an accompaniment to the meal, plan for about 1 medium avocado per three guests.

Salsa Verde Ranchera

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